Tasting Notes:

Ripe Banana - Currant - Peanut Butter

The birthplace of chocolate! The Soconusco region has a very rich cacao history that dates back nearly 4000 years, when the Ancient Mokayas first domesticated cacao for consumption. During the Colonial Era, this is where colonists first discovered chocolate & brought it back to Europe. Today, the Rayen Co-Op is responsible for continuing the rich legacy of high quality cacao production in this region. They are a group of talented & motivated locals, who are passionate about preserving the ancient heirloom cacao varietals on their land & putting fine Mexican cacao on the map. The taste of this bar is truly as rich as its history.


Cacao Nibs, Sugar, Cocoa Butter

Car Artisan Chocolate Soconusco, Mexico, 70% Dark - 60 g


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